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Have You Ever Meet a Narcissist?

Dear readers, how are you?

Let’s talk dirty today, shall we? Let’s talk about the most filthy, ugly, disgusting, scariest creature …





Obviously, they do not present themselves such as these or we would run to the hills straightaway, they prefer a more subtle approach, such as



(The Humphreys: “We are soooooooooooooo nice to everyone! We are so decent, ethical, humble and honest! The fact we lie, cheat, manipulate and deceive others is a mere consequence of how badly they treat us! After all, we are entitled to everything and held accountable for nothing.”)


(Cersei Lanniester: “I am a queen and my offspring are to be the rulers of this kingdom, even if they are illegitimate. My children are entitled to everything and I will go to unspeakable lenghts to maintain their status. The issues of other royal families, on the other hand, must be treated as mortal enemies and be eliminated with no empathy whatsoever).


or even, maybe


(Kurt Cobain: “Fuck off your standards concerning rock stars, I will not shave, wash my hair, wear fancy leather jackets or compose songs with rhymes. My opinions matter, your feelings don’t. Also, being unable to cope with daily reality and my high dosis of paranoia about my wife, which would be justified since I am far more interested on drugs rather than caring about her, I will overdose and die aged 27 leaving my baby daughter orphaned because my self inflicted pain matters to me much more than her welfare.”)


Yes, these are all narcissists or at least characters with high narcissistic traits. Idolised by many and portraited as examples to be considerated, they make life of those around them the very image of Hell. Is there a narc beside you right now? If you are unhappy on an unexplainable stress level and still cannot put your finger on what causes your misery exactly, odds are the is one near you, stirring drama and making those around them as miserable as they are.

Have you met your pet narcissist today just yet?

Jim Morrison was right – PEOPLE ARE STRANGE

Have you ever wondered why you don’t fit? Why is it so hard to socialize? Why no matter what you do/think/say it is all perceived as differently than common sense would rule? Well, I finally have got the perfect answer to that and it has been in front of me written on the wall (or rather in the title of one of my favorite songs) all along: That’s because PEOPLE ARE STRANGE.


What happens is a general lack of understanding for all those do not blend in. The figure who does not smile, nod often and repeat the shallow, meaningless and official politically correct speech is soon cornered and likely to become an outsider.


Oddly, most of the idolized figures are themselves outsiders: Jesus Christ, Jacob, Moses, Mohammed and even Adam. Pop culture is full of them and rock has been made almost exclusively from them. Johnny Cash, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Ozzy Osbourne and my obvious reference, Jim Morrison. And why do they stand up above others? Because they did not give a fig trying to blen in, embracing their non conventional personas and refusing to sacrifice their true selves to the benefit of those who knows better.


So, if you are strange, fear not, so are people.

Parade’s End, Downton Abbey and Dumbasses: A Study in Fandom


Disclaimer: mean comments about Downton Abbey are only directed at fans that unfairly criticise Parade’s End. The rest of Downton fandom who allow people to have their own preferences are accorded this same right by the author of this post.

The genesis of this post lies in a comment made by a certain individual on the Wall of the Parade’s End Facebook page. While its author will remain unnamed, the post will be reproduced in its entirety:

‘Absolutely no match for Downton Abbey. The actors are acting as if it were still the year 2000. Doning (sic) period costumes and using today’s speech patterns, language and words that were never used in those times is off putting. Hell some of the words were never used in my childhood so why use them for the early 1900s? When I look back to the 50s people were slower than these bods…

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North and South (2004): Review


‘I wish I could tell you, Edith, how lonely I am, how cold and harsh it is here. Everywhere there is conflict and unkindness. I think God has forsaken this place. I believe I have seen hell. And it’s white. It’s snow white.’

So ends the dazzling first episode of North and South, the BBC’s 2004 drama of love and social upheaval in the cotton mills of Victorian Northern England. Adapted from Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel of the same name by Sandy Welch, the genius who brought us the 2006 adaptation of Jane Eyre, it was immortally designated as ‘Pride and Prejudice with a social conscience’ by someone, somewhere, and this continues to be the way it is seen by many fans.

When southern clergyman and part-time classicist Mr. Hale unexpectedly decides to abandon the church rather than reaffirm his belief in the Book of Common Prayer, he…

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