25 Days of Sense & Sensibility: Day 18 – What Ifs

Drunk Austen

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What if… Jane Austen wasn’t the author of Sense & Sensibility?

If Sense & Sensibility were a Wilkie Collins novel:

Marianne would get pregnant by Willoughby but no one would know it was him, and she’d die in childbirth, bequeathing her baby daughter a single silver ring inscribed with a “W”. Her daughter would grow up to wander the moors at night in a flowing white dress, quoting Shakespearean sonnets; and by day, she’d enlist the help of Elinor’s son (who would fall in love with her). No one would believe her (and yet somehow, the male cousin who is clearly taking advantage of her delirious mental state would always be believed) and try to send her to an asylum. They’d finally find Willoughby, but just a few days too late — after he took his own life, living in shame and guilt for 20+ years. (But…

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