Recently Dis-Engaged Carol is Back!

Once Upon a Time, in a Land Far Far Away…

A Girl with way too much free time in her hands, high self steem and feeling kinda lonely lately decided to join a dating site and meet new people. Smart as she (thought she) was, she purposedly avoided profiles with high self advertising and personal marketing rate, going straightfoward for the low profile, geek-y kind of guy, assuming she would be safer in a long run relationship with a more trustable person. She picked a not so physically attractive, seemingly not emotionally scarred, mid-20’s, socially shy type of person expecting a smooth and rational outcome. Little did she know, however, that she was just about to find herself shortly engaged to the newest kind of monster, always sneaking in disguise through the Dark Fairy Tale Land  black forrest…

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome


The covert narcissist, A.K.A the introvert narcissist, is harder to spot because we all have the Hollywoodian portrait of a ‘narc’ internalised as someone sparkly, attractive or at least concerned with physical image and looks, with superiority complex and/or self laudatory speech and basicly a douche bag towards others while always seeking the spotlight. The cov narc, on the other had, is tricky, as he seemingly plays nice, has low self steem, is awkwardly shy on public, is very sensitive and needs constant outspoken validation to all his acts to go on. Often, cov narcs play the victim so they may get the ego stroking they so desperately need to feel nurtured and go on with their lives as normal people do every single day withot anyone massaging their adult selves.

Unfortunately,  both ‘regular’ and ‘covert’ nacs are abundant in our society, as we live in The Age of Entitlement. Poorly lived experiences who force people to go out of their comfort zones (and perhaps face failure), helicopter parenting who refuse to allow their children to confront themselves, face challenges, dificulties or obstacles and/or deal with frustration within a society in which we are exposed to daily propaganda focusing on how we can (and should) avoid the slightest nuisance, from Winter dry lips to clinic depression, by simply being able to afford the product merchandised, adds up to a context very nurturing to feed Narcissists. It is not my thing to point fingers or name names, but since I have been more sensible about the subject I noticed that among the Millennials, the probability of finding features related to a narcissistic personality grow exponentially. Perhaps the sum of wider avaliability of modern technology creating artificial environments, rise of parental income, diminishing of number of children per family, obsession with safety and Educational tendencies which openly avoid criticising and exposing students to any level of stress creates a more prone field for narcissist tendencies to root, even though its traits may be found pretty much on all ages, profiles and location.

As I don’t want to burden my readers with my late experiences and thoughts in one (Hell if a) blog entry, I will share this tale in sequential posts focusing on critical moments exposing the true nature of the cov narc, from now on referred to as my pet narc. Stay tuned for more fun and horror!


Love and Respect,





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