Rumbelle deserves a Happy Ending

Rumbelle deserves a Happy Ending


10 Reasons why Rumple/Mr Gold will be a better match than any Prince Charming:

I) He is, by far, the wisest character in OUAT (yeah, remember he is about 350 y/o);

II) Not particularly handsome, therefore not many women would slut around
him (except in case they learn he is vastidly whealty);

III) The very essence of his character is being resourceful and restless.
Whatever he cannot achieve through magic, he will always find other
ways, such as money and scheming. Remember he manipulated Regina to cast
the spell of the Dark Curse while kept imprisioned and powerless, in
order to be reunited with his son. That is a husband who won’t let you
down or fill the papers for divorce at the first problem;

IV) He has had his share of love, loss and deception. He already knows how to value true feelings;

V) For BDSM lovers: He has a dungeon inside his Dark Castle and is fond of whipping;

VI) For Vanilla lovers: He lives in a pink house in Storybrooke;

VII) For Book lovers – in both worlds, he has a huge personal library;

VIII) He can heal wounds. Just imagine the economy in cramps and headache medicine every month;

IX) He can turn straw into gold by spinning, therefore he can give you
Jewelry gifts on a weekly basis, not to mention a Golden Dress for your

X) Most importandly, if people dare to think only young,
beautiful, sugar coated, butter hearted, politically correct couples
deserve a happy ending, then 95% of the world will become ‘forever
alone’ people. Let there be a Happily Even After ending for Rumbelle,
for ****’s sake!(less)