When Christmas stopped being a holiday and became a filthy social torture?

I used to love Christmas. I had my personal Disney’s Princesses calendar in which two days were marked with a circle (okay, it was a heart, but who cares): my birthday and Christmas. Not that I was some poverty child who was allowed a piece of cake only twice a year, hell no. But I used to like it so much because these were two dates in which people expressed openly how dearly they liked you (or just were polite enough to pretend so).
Now I am 30 years old and I am no longer capable of to aprehend the meaning of Christmas. All I see (and feel) are people getting more and more mad about all that’ s supposed to be done, to be shown, to be given. Cards, corporative happy hours, gifts (expensive ones for the family, not so expensive to friends, really expensive to people whose respect we aim to earn and not thoughtful at all to those who helped and supported us the whole year). I notice people pretending that they always did a goddamn excellent work in cleaning, parking, serving & etc.  when the truth is they hardly stared at our faces during the year. I hate when I go to some mall or supermarket and it’s infuriating crowded with parents overstressed and children whinning for toys and other stuff. And most of all, I do not appreciate the fact that people whose beleives (or lack of) are contrary to the main opinion are treated like villains in the Fantastic World of Fake Happiness, Whealthy and Sucess.Imagem