Panic at the Mall

A few weeks ago, I had a f*cking freak panic attack at the Paulista Mall. It seemed that the walls were closing over me (so cliché, and so scaringly true) I started to feel my entire body hot, oversweating and could no longer stay where I was. So many days I have spent analysing How it happened (I mean, starting having this sh*t at almost 30 y/o is kinda hard) but only was able to completely understand when I started to focus on Where and With Whom instead of How or Why.

First, I asked myself if that was the time at night to later und accept it was not. Really, few things upset me more than when you get up and inform your group you´re about to leave and they start making those teary faces (of course, because their fun and opportunity of having a good time hanging out with you is faaaaaaaar more important than your personal safety). But now as an almost 30 y/o gal, I feel currently difficult to swallow any kind of treatment or situation that I consider undeserved. And that became so strong that, in great symbiosis with my mind, now my body refuses to stay whenever the situation is unpleasent.

So, help me God, this is how thing´s gonna be from now on!