Review: The Age of Innocence, by Edith Warham


Reading this 1921 Pullitzer winner novel for a discussion of my Book Club was one of the most realistic and emotional experiences I had this beggining of year (yeah, that´s true, are you sure you want to mock me? I have very good aknowledge of body combat).

The struggle between society duties and desire is a constant in many victorian, XIX century and belle epoque novels but this one deals with the same contents in a unique, sparkling manner. Remarkable, to say the less.

Many people of the book club complained over it, but I beleive the end in the very way it was written is the perfect enclosure for this novel, as it matches both characters behaviour all over the plot (Newland and Ellen’ s) and leaves the reader with the same aching frustration they must have felt when their relationship was recognised and eventually accepted as impossible.



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