Carrie Bradshaw vs Bridget Jones


That Carrie Bradshaw is a selfish, egotic and over indulgent bitch we all are less than smart to know, nevertheless she was practically the first woman to be portraited in a sitcom without a fake halo and politically correct lines (ok, we already had Murphy Brown and Ally McBeal but we must agree Bradshaw was the first to be shown double cheating her perfect boyfriend with Malboro and her Big dick).

We are indeed smart when we realise her archi enemy is not one of Big´s former wives or Penelope Cruz. Yes, Bridget happens to be the # 1 at her “must die” list.  Bridget, like Carrie, is a journalist, is always split into the hot guy and the right guy, smokes, has freaky friends and writes as a way of getting her own ideas together and figuring out the situations she puts herself in. But Bridget, unlike Carrie, cares for people besides her own belly.

Do we all remember the scene of “Bridget Jones 2 – the edge of reason” in which she comes back into Thailand jail to offer her female mates cigarettes, chocolates and Madonna-inspired bras.  What we can´t remember at all  is Carrie´s stepping off her own path to offer anyone a hand.  And yes, we had 6 seasons of the show, plus 2 unsufferable movies. No, going to Miranda´s mom funeral does not count, as Charlotte practically had to drag her and Samantha all over it. And by the way, who stupid “I have 40,000 dollars shoes and will soon become homeless”  Carrie blamed for not being able to buy her own apartment at the fourth season? Just divorced Charlotte, of course. And the bitch did not stop until she got her friend´s engaged ring as a “loan”.  Yes, because we all know Carrie is a very trustable and honest person…

Well, ladies, what can I say. We better stuck to ou dear fatty spinser because definetively there are much worse things we could become…





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