Anything but Perfect

In my family life, as well as in my labour life, as well as in my personal/dating life, I have been given the challenge of living and sharing physical space with people EXTREMELY difficult on a daily basis. People who cannot cope with an open “NO”. People who cannot recognise any responsability over their free will within themselves. People who cannot give, but think this not abosutelly makes them unworthy of receiving. People with absolute lack of empathy. The list is endless.

One could ask, why would an apparently healthy minded girl as me would stay in such a Hotel California?

a) She´s not as healthy minded as we thought, a rotten apple does not fall too far from its apple tree…

b) She could not find a way to break free;

c) She simply hadn´t much choice.

Hell yeah, the three are correct.

As I was younger, I couldn´t get away, but as I grew older I felt I wouldn´t go far. Because it was here, withing myself. No matter where I went, it would always stay inside me and I would never let it go. Now I know these things can happen to anyone…The world is dirty, the humankind is mean. Still, we cannot find desperation in failure, but a releive of being able to cope and overcome.

One of the lines I truely appreciate in the Best Selling Fifty Shades of Grey (besides the ultimate negociation  “Christian, if I sign this ontract, you will make love to me?”  “No, Anastasia. I don´t make love. I f*ck. And hard”), besides all the sex crap and unbearable dialogues of the 5 years old minded central couple is: Anastasia “Why don´t you get along with your family?” Christian “It´s hard to grow up in a perfect family when you´re not perfect”.

Well, Good News, Master Grey! First, there is no “perfect” person. You, above all, should know this already, dah (please don´t hit me too hard). That is one of the points that makes this novel unsufferabble. These supportive characters are simply “ridics” stereotypes. They´re good, kind, protective and…any of them commit one single mistake or has one single mischevious act during almost 1800 pages of an incredibly obvious plot. Typical.

Further: there is no problem at all in being mean in a perfect family (just ask Dexter, from the Showtime channel). You just learn to fit in and, in any case, you can always pretend and play nice. Now would you try to be NORMAL in some f#cking freak family?! Try to get into the square of an ordinary girl when you have the most greed, infectuous, vengeful, 5 years old minded people as your relatives?

Hell yeah, dear Christian. Let´s suffer together. Or, in your case, let them suffer as you come. And me, let them suffer as I go.


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