Human Feelings – the most trecherous vice of all

Human feelings are, mostly, troublesome, deceitful  and hard to put into a square. But this I´ve been noticing since I´ve met  a certain person… It´s nearly insane.

Here I am, a 29 years old woman, simply and plainly a teenager again, kissing photographs and wishing the person was here, by my side, all the fucking time. I work, have lunch, chat non sense, shower, sleep, not sleep, all thinking about him in the back of my mind. I do not spare a moment. I can´t breath, I suffer, I can´t find info about him. It´s disgusting, it´s shameful, it´s happening and I am into it alone. I think of funny things I should say the next time I see him, all things he defenitely must know about me, I picture how must be his house, does he have a house, or would he like to move into mine?

And all this with a person I saw, damn it, f*ck, I can´t beleive it myself, I swear, I saw TWICE. I can´t even recall the first impression he made me. Only, and that was everything, I accidently and suddently saw a f*cking picture of him and this all started. Hell, hell, holy sh*t, I still can´t beleive this is f*cking happening at me AGAIN, a mother, a family leader, a 29 years old responsible woman.


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