I do love a guy

I am in love with a guy.

That is not a reckless passion or a personal lack of thrilling,

I do love him.


I can´t tell him so.

And I can ´t because I love him, and if I did not love him I would be a ble to tell him anything.

If I say this beautiful truth to him, he will run to the hills immediatly.

Men usually do that, you know.

I hate so much when it happens.

He is peace to me.

I love his tenderness, his easy words, so thoughtful and yet so simple, as an ordinary day sunlight.

Whenever I´m stressed, I think of him and my mind is at ease.

Oh, and I think he is clever than me and, even more, he is much more intelligent than he recognises.

That is also important.

I just forgot to mention we never got together properly, as we live in different cities.

This is the main reason we are still talking. I don ´t want a real skin and bones relationship to screw my childish adoration up.

He makes me think there is still hope.

And that is what I need to carry on.


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