Good Girl Gone WILD

I´m sick of  all this good girl crap. Now I do not want to be nice anymore, I want to be a bad, wild girl. Whenever kindness won´t take you anywhere, becoming a badass may be the perfect solution. So, therefore:

I don´t say Sweet Jesus. I say The Goddamn –

I don´t say,  What´s the matter? I say WTF?!

I don´t make love. I f*ck. And hard (and do not mention the  original author of any the stolen quotes)

I don´t cover the roots of my hair. I let it grow wild and fair, as my mood.

I don´t say Excuse me, I say, Get out of my way.

I don´t smell fresh roses, I smell vanilla and wild musk.

I don´t wear pale pink nailpolish or lipstick, but red harlot always.

I don´t read War and Peace, I read Android Karenina and Sense and Sensibility and SeaMonsters

I don´t listen to Dido, I listen to Lana del Rey.

Oh, and I don´t drive a Fiat, but a lavish Cherry Red Citroën C3.

Join me in my new adventures, shall we?


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