Fifty Shades of Carrie

After reading so many comments about this novel, even from one of my blog friends, and getting some sort of info at Google, I decided to surrender (literally) to the erotic journey of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.

Oh, I love methaliterature.  You want to talk about other people´s masterpieces, become a critic. You want to discuss seriously and/or mock other people´s masterpieces, become a methaliterature writer.  That´s what housewife-mother-author E L James just did beautifully.

Do you know that fake romance novelbooks one can always find anywhere? I mean, that Harlekin crap. Millionaires marrying innocent virgin girls for family revenge, a misunderstanding of the past, a bet or anything even more stupid out of the blue. Then, they discover the wives are pure, they apologize (after torturing, manipulating, bullying and in some 80´s plots, sometimes even beating them up a little) and they live happily even after.

That´s the start of relationship of Literature college student Anastasia and lavish billionaire Christian Gray. Yes, Gray, like Dorian Gray, not Grey, like Grey´s Anathomy. That is spetacular – Christian Gray has all the features of a perfect gentleman – he´s kind, polite, thoughtfull. And rich. Undendessly wealthy. Poor Anastasia feels guilty only by accepting a few books ( Tess of the Urbervilles and Sense and Sensibility) and some used clothes, as Harlekin heroin manual must guide.

But here fantasy ends and reality hits. Christian is a billionaire. Billionaires are smart. And cold minded. And powerful. And, as we all know,  power creates a strenght itself, a strenght that sucks the souls of troubled men – and troubled is the less you can say about Christian. He´s a pervert. He´s a freak.  He´s corrupted. Christian Gray will open the doors of his PlayRoom to finally show us all what happens at unwritten pages of Harlekin books, when the husbands grow tired of their stupid little wives and life becomes not interesting as it used to be, when they had the complete control over their own lives. And control is the key word here.

Christian proposes the rules of the only relationship he would accept: Ana has to sign papers assuring she will not share any sort of information about whatever happens between them and also consenting in giving him entire control over her life – meals, clothes, exercise, hours of sleep. And the rules, as Christian fatherly explains, are for her benefit and his pleasure. The more she surrenders, the more he will be pleased. And, as the honest dealer he actually is, Christain even shows her the Red Room of Pain, which will be the place of the punishments whenever she disobbeys his fair rules. That explains the baptism name Christian, as the room could belong to any Middle Age Catholic Inquisitor.

And now we´re back to Harlekin novels. What does heroin now ask? “Can I have a cab outta here, please?” , “Christian, have you ever considered seeing a therapyst?” ,  “How come you became a sadist freak?”.  No, no, no, gentle ladies. Lovely maiden Ana simply asks, “If I sign this, we will make love?”.

Awesome! Dear midwife author, I love you so much. I had never really had a more authenthic laughter my entire life. The girl is absolutely delightful. She does not even give up at Christian´s answer: “No,  Ana. I don´t make love. I f*ck. And hard.”  (I just love that line!)

Christian is troubled, he has a dark secret, he hides so much sadness within himself. Nevertheless, he has this even darker and dangerous secret – he wants to be softned up. He wants to let go. He wants to be ruled (just a little bit, of course) by a girl he loves – and trusts. A strong example of how much he suffers on things beyong his control is the pregnancy of Anastasia, completely unexpected. It is the first time he gets drunk  – and seeks for Mrs Robinson, the very reason of his messed up sexual needs.

But Christian can´t trust. Trust issues is the smallest way to define the wounds he hides in his heart – his secret place. Even in exceptional lovemaking (as he admitdly does not make love), he can´t consent taking off his shirt, because it would expose his sensitive spot. The desire of having entire control over every move, thought or reaction of choosen beloved object, as to have an entire and complete surrender, the golden garantee of never being brokenhearted and/or cheated  is also my favourite pervert fetish.

Oh, I also have to explain to myself and (others) why I am so ridiculously in love with dearest control freak Christian Grey.

I am a person quite independent. I generally do not like being told when, how or why to do something, even worse having something done for me. I. Absolutely. Hate. It.  That must make to sound odd when I say I am in love with this troubled man who has dark secrets, sexual issues, Oedipus complex, over protective tendencies and is a real maniatic about control. So, I would have a hard time becoming his Sub, right?

No. Dominant Christian is not a perv. His fetish is not about humiliation or making women feel less inteligent. His idea is not to keep a woman under his boots, no, no, no. He is a man who is afraid of pain (in him), afraid of being deprived of what he takes as his right to possess. He is a control freak, because he understands that human nature is made of failure and deception.


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