You´ve hurt me

You´ve hurt me

and even though you did not meant to

the wound is the very same.

And I ache


My eyes lost sight of your face

and my ears no longer claim to receive your thoughtful voice,

as you said,

´ Sorry, I can´t. No more.`


In my dreams, I used to meet you once again,

You came to me, and said you loved me,

In that special place we someday met,

Two souls alone in the evening.

And I do regret as, in those days, I wasn´t able to enjoy your love

not the way I can right now.


So, what can I say but I´m hurt

I know you wished I said I it wasn´t that bad

it would be a lie, and I respect you too much to do so.


After all, here it is:

I forgive you, but I´m still hurt.

Gob bless you and I do not wish you any harm and never will.

Be good as always, and we both know everything will suceed.


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