Wild Girl!

Hello everyone! Being raised as the “perfect little girl”, “A” score in all subjects, perfectly straightened hair in only one tone, not so tight clothes, never saying the “F” word, hanging out not so late at night, sleep over only in female friends´ houses (well, that´s a lie – I was never allowed to sleep in someone else´s house except my own family! But, I guess you could already catch the idea, anyway!), NEVER, NEVER in my entire life I had this sensation I´m tasting today. And no, I did not touch any drugs, did not buy the car of the year,  did not perform sex on anyone, did not go to India with a dream and an empty suitcase. No, I just have been made… Brand new hairlights!

Yes, that´s it. At least three tones of sun bleached blonde all over my Golden Locks. Updone curly hair that screams: Here I am. I am tall, I am curly, I have spent some time (and money!) at the Hairstylist. And the most important thing it shouts: I DO NOT GIVE A DAWN for what people may say! I do what I want to, I care not if it is fashionable, out of season or so-what. I rule my own hair, as I rule my own life, the way I want, and not the way they say I should.

That´s all I´ve heard my entire life: God made you that way, you must stay that way. Don´t use that color, it´s a scandal. Comb your hair straight, it looks like you´ve just got out of bed this very minute. Men do not like artificial hair much. To hell with it all! Messy. Updone. Crazy. This is the new version of me: updone curly Carol. Nice to meet you all.


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