Somewhere in Time (1980)

   Somewhere in Time is one of the best love movies ever. It describes the paths of a very sensitive man (Christopher Reeve) who´s fascinated and eventually obsessed by a woman who lived in 1912 (Jane Seymor) and, already an old lady, in the vernissage of his first play, delivered him a mysterious golden watch.

Richard longs for meeting this delicate, profound, very talented actress whose picture is at the lobby of the hotel he accidently checks in. Eliza McKenna, he finds out later, had died the very night she met him and gave him the watch, and each day more he is possessed by the idea he has to go back in time in order to meet her, in that same hotel, in june 1912. Through harsh sessions of self hyponosis, Richard arrives in the time and place he has to, in order to find his beloved soulmate. It is very interesting to follow how he deals with the cultural issues in a oddly natural and even funny way, and the way he seduces his sweetheart within no more than two days, achieving even sexual acquaitance.

The very moment which restrains both lovers to move on with their respective lives and regard all romance as a flash dream is the intimate act share. After that, there is no turning back, their hearts, bodies and souls absolutelly delivered and surrendered to the passionate and tender love who traps them together, for ever, but death will not tear their apart, all the opposite, it will gather them for once and for all of times..

After the passionate tears and lonely sobs, it comes to mind, how some things simply are not meant to be. Skeptical mind. Or, maybe, are mean to be against anything: time, space, cultural issues. Romantic eye. That is just what mostly adore about love stories – possible diverging  interpretations.

Whatever you choose to beleive, that is the answer.


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