“He´s so shy” or – reasons why I don´t appreciate withdrawn men much

Hello everyone. No, I´m not a bitch who scolds insecure shy man and wishes to marry the leader of the high school team. No no no. This is just an explanation for why I have good reasons to keep myself out of the path of men who’ d rather talk to you by cell phone messages or e-mail than in person, when they insist looking at the floor and sending you psycho killer/rapist/amateur analyzing stares now and then.

Plus, I must mention, my heart belongs to someone who, in a sunny sunday afternoon, in a foreign place, among unknown people,  had the courage to say “Hello”  to a messy fierce appearence, tired, hungy and distressed young foreign woman he had never before.

Women who are shy, usually, have been brought through tough demanding parents, outstanding bros and sisters, have often been beaten by parents and/or mates, or simply had some experience who told them, “You´d better walk on unconspicuous, or you´ll get hurt”. Men who are shy, really, don´t go that way. They are usually thinking (and later, doing) things they´d better not to show.

For example, I once dated a man who would save even his words, what should I expect from feelings? Never a word of care, never a show of concern. He could find me bleeding in the middle of the street, he would only think, Damn, she owned me two dollars!




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