Male, Female and Lisbeth Salander

Have to confess, can’ te get rid of Lisbeth Salander. Her androgyne looks, her sweet velvet voice, her outfits and hairstyle, it stucked me in such a passion the other day I accidentaly saw myself in front of the mirror wearing black leather clothes and intending to buy a harley davidson in the midest of february high brazilian summer.

That is not an aesthethic or even gender issue. Lisbeth Salander is a phoenix, a survivor, a fighter and a winner. Even when she was caught by surprise, she never lost control, for she came over and got benefit from the violence performed upon her.

She is male in strenght, female in enduring pain and she never, never fails. And she never fails, because she actually considers human failure as the only possibility. Because everyone has faliled about her – her parents, her country, even Blomqvist. That is why I thing the only classification that suits her is not male nor female, but mefail.


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