January Poetry

(to *****, with passionate love)

This cloudy January

Brings my Love back to you.

Take it or leave it,

 Do as you wish to.

Last time we saw each other face to face

 The world was a different place to both of us.

We had nothing but a bag of dreams

And both our lives were a mere fuss.

So hard and yet so delectable

To dream awake, to wish what we would ever have,

So many doubts and the pain, unbeareble

We cried, we complained of all we would look at.

Yet, now those days have come to an end,

And today I miss the pain I used to feel

Because even a hard feeling is better than none,

Now I do not have a single wound to heal.

So, if your heart would be kind to shelter me,

 That would possibily save my soul from hell

(not that I beleive those awkward things)

But silence is often the echo of a failure, a broken spell.

Carol M., January 27th 2012


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