Free Sample

Well, well, here we go again. Damn men, yes they are. Always asking for a free sample before buying the whole package…

Question is: is that a right or they just act as if it was? And if it does, how come the whole world apparently decided that girls who say a big NO are just a bunch or freaks?

Tell me the truth, please. Have you ever been pressured to have sex with guy a little sooner than you expected to, but it was all a question of mutual acknowledge to see if it was possible to develop a real relationship or not, and suddently you realized that if you did not consent, this mutual acknowledge could not go on one single day more? Such an awful situation!

Ladies, just a piece of news this cold afternoon: The final answer is aways YOURS.  And, in case of doubt, it is better not to take the risk. Because, otherwise, no one of these “nice” people who urge you to say yes will be there to offer you a helping hand, just in case the worst would happen. Because when the matter is sex, there are no “backses”


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