Narcasm: Giving Gifts to Narcissists

An Upturned Soul

So it’s Christmas, and you have a narcissist in your life who expects to get what they want or else…

But what is it that they want?

Do they want fame? Fortune? Eternal youth? Immortality? Attention? Everything?

Well, yes… but even if you could give them all of that, there’s probably something else they want which you haven’t given them and that will be the one thing they notice.

What you didn’t give them, what they didn’t get, will be far more important than what you did give and what they did get.

That one person who unfollowed them or that one person who refuses to follow them back on social media will be far more valuable to them than all those people who follow them.

That one insult in a thousand compliments will be all they heard.

The gift which you didn’t give them may become the main subject…

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#NS10 My Favorite N&S fanfiction

The Armitage Authors Network

Meek Margaret Romantic tension between would-be lovers. Thornton with his book. He loves to read, too!

After watching North & South for the very first time, I was desperate to talk about the story with others because I simply couldn’t stop thinking about it. I found C19 within a few days. It saved me from certain lunacy (or did it?). What a relief to know that I wasn’t the only one suffering from the effects of watching a Victorian cotton mill owner smolder for nearly four hours. Finally I could discuss and ask questions … but that was not all. There were stories there! Other people, whom the gods had allowed to find N&S years before me, had written stories about John and Margaret.

I had discovered fan fiction! Cue the music from on high.

I spent hours upon hours immersing myself in Milton again through the creative talents of many fellow…

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You Never Know When the Day Before is the Day Before

Mikalee Byerman

One year ago tonight was the last time.

I don’t remember, but I’m sure I went to bed feeling happy, complete, in love, full of hope.

I’m confident that he wrapped his arms wrap around me, and I breathed in, secure in his presence, as I had every day for the almost six years before.

Just like every other night before, I’m sure the baby slept peacefully in her room wearing one of her many sets of fluffy footed pajamas, holding Sammy the purple raccoon and sucking on a binky. Though I don’t specifically remember which jammies or how she slept that night.

I probably had peaceful dreams and a refreshing night’s sleep — even though I don’t know for sure.

Because you never know when the day before is the day before.

August 8 was wholly unremarkable.

August 9 was anything but.

The Mikalee of the wholly unremarkable August…

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