The Loss of Innocence

Fonte: The Loss of Innocence


Top ten things that are not Richard Armitage’s fault

Me + Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage in FAULT magazine (2012). Source:

Some recent evidence suggests that Richard Armitage appears to have a common British trait: apologizing for things at a disproportionate pace. Some sources suggest that Brits apologize at a rate as much as a third higher than Americans (although I suppose one could say Americans apologize too little, I was once on a flight into Heathrow where the pilot greeted us before landing and apologized for the weather. I mean, really).

So, I’ve decided to make a list of things that are not Richard Armitage’s fault and which he doesn’t need to apologize for. Please feel free to add to this list in comments!


10. That the world is drowning in plastic bottles. Richard Armitage is just thirsty! That’s how he maintains his beautiful skin. And I’m sure he always, always recycles.

Richard Armitage hydrates at Paleyfest, Los Angeles, September…

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