After a long suffering and discrimination of woman in the society, she is nowadays playing an important role in society as a politician, socialist and economist. Those achievements emerged by the coming of feminism which granted woman’s rights.

This research work studies woman suffering, dehumanization and segregation by man. It deals also with the efforts of Feminism to change woman’s oppression in the entire world and to ask for her equal rights and existence in all the domains (politics, socialism and economy)

This research tries to see at what extend does feminism influence woman’s fighting path and to answer the following questions:

1. How was the situation of woman in the past?
2. What did feminism brought to woman?
3. Was feminism efficient to change woman’s life?

The questions asked in this research aims to find if feminism was able to change the stereotypical image…

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Anaïs Anaïs

Anaïs Anaïs has always been the perfume of my dreams. I remember as a 11 years old feeling its scent for the first time in a (now extinct) department store and thinking ‘One day I will be so rich I will have one of these in my own house!’. Those times I would always spray myself some French perfume at the mall before going on a date – I washed, put my clothes on at home and made my make up and put on cologne at the mall, in one of these beauty stores. The staff would give me the nasty eye and I would promise to myself one day I would come to own all these products.

And now I do.

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and realise how true you were to your younger self. You promised and you kept your word. You achieved your goals. You did not betray your younger you trust. Here is my 11 years old self dream – she is saying ‘I can’t beleive you remembered!’ and my current self replies ‘I would never forget it, because you have always deserved it and now it is yours to keep.’